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A Comprehensive Approach

Marketing and Branding

When defining a brand or building a reputation we focus on reputation. Making sure our client stands out in the right way is our goal. Being noticed takes skill, patience, and the right strategy. That is why our clients get the speaking time, the air time, the coverage, the signage, product placement and the recognition before audiences their peers do not, even when they are present and just a few feet away. Setting our clients apart is part of why we love what we do.

Strategic Media

Making your point is the point! When talking to media, preparation is paramount. Cultiv8 Media Strategies has successfully coached politicians, athletes, business owners, and teens on how to successfully engage the media as well as how to respond. A sound byte, an exclusive interview, public service announcement, speech to a congregation or chamber of commerce are all opportunities to make lasting impressions and reach your goal. That is why we walk our clients through the process until they are prepared and we get it right.

Brand Strategy: Services
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