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No More Teachers, No More Books

Growing up, summer break starts with teachers and the staff members standing outside the school on the hill in front of the school. The sound of the unruly children singing, “ No more teachers, No more books, NO MORE TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS. The excitement builds as the bus cruises through the neighborhood to start the summer break; sleep in, stay up late.

I am a bit scared about work and home balance. I assume it will be easier since my daughter is a rising freshman in high school and my son is a rising 7th grader. I have been working from home with kids for almost 7 years. Here is my so-far it works tips on working from home.

Me time

I wake up before my kids - starting this habit was tough initially, but this is key.

The morning is my time to make a pot of French press coffee ( I love my Bayka French press!) and meditate/devotion. I currently listen to the “Blessed is She” daily devotion on Spotify. Call me old-fashioned, but I still use a paper planner and colorful pens. I take this time to organize my priorities for home chores list, meal planning, and work.

Schedule = Peace

I must stick to the schedule, or the day will go down the drain. That also means my children have to be on a schedule.


Ok, not literally, but exercising the work ethic will be great practice. My kids always have a list of chores to accomplish before the end of the business day. I make a list of our goals for the day. If my child does not achieve the goal or goals, the goal is moved to the next day and taken away as a privilege. The kids earn an allowance and a goal to save up for an item or activity.

Make time to Chill-lax

Summer is a goldmine for family memories. Make time for your family and friends. Schedule that vacation or stay-cation, dinner with friends, and dance in the rain.


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